Work with Students

How to enroll students in a course and view their progress

  • How to Enroll Students in a Сourse

    Last Updated: 12.10.2023

    To access course materials, students must be registered for your course. You can add them manually via your personal account, or students can enroll in a course themselves via the course website.

  • How to Manage Student Information

    Last Updated: 08.09.2023

    After enrolling in a course, students are added to the "Edu" section of the selected course in the "Overview" tab. In addition, contacts are created in the "CRM" section, so you can work with students via the pipeline and communicate using different communication channels.

  • How to View Student Questions

    Last Updated: 27.07.2023

    During the studying process, students may have questions regarding the material. They can ask a question inside each lesson in the student's account. A chat between the instructor and the student is created for each lesson. Students can also ask questions about the course on the course registration page.

  • How to Track Student Activity

    Last Updated: 03.08.2023

    You can view student progress statistics for all your courses in EDU. This will help you understand how difficult or easy your course is and track your students’ performance. You can also monitor student engagement, payments, questions, tests, and certificates received.

  • How to Work with Student Assignments

    Last Updated: 03.08.2023

    You can check your students' homework to assess how well they understood a topic and provide them with feedback in the “Answers to the task” tab.

  • How to Receive Students’ Feedback About Your Course

    Last Updated: 27.07.2023

    SendPulse’s online course builder allows you to receive feedback from students. Everyone who takes your course can rate each lesson and test, post a review, and provide an overall course rating. This can help course creators improve their course program.

  • How to View Course Statistics

    Last Updated: 03.08.2023

    With our online course dashboard, you can get all the necessary info about your courses, including the number of students and their performance, questions, and payment updates. This will help you monitor your students’ progress and analyze their involvement in the learning process.

  • Email Notifications Sent to Students

    Last Updated: 27.07.2023

    Students receive email notifications from the moment they register for a course until they complete it. These notifications help students stay in the loop of course events and updates, instructors’ responses, added lessons, and more.

  • How to Work in a Student's Account

    Last Updated: 29.09.2023

    Once students register for a course, they can access their personal accounts. They can edit their profiles, take courses, and ask their instructors questions.

  • How to Use the “Education by SendPulse” Mobile App

    Last Updated: 27.07.2023

    Students can use the “Education by SendPulse” mobile app to complete their assignments, download materials, ask questions, and edit their profiles. The app allows you to study with ease even if you do not have access to a computer.

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