General information about the SMTP service

  • How to Get Started with SMTP

    Last Updated: 27.07.2023

    With the SendPulse SMTP service, you can send transactional emails from your service, for example, abandoned cart emails, order updates, order confirmation emails, and other notifications.

  • How to Enable Email Tracking Statistics Sent via SMTP

    Last Updated: 27.07.2023

    By sending campaigns via SMTP, you can track the number of emails sent, delivered, and opened as well as the number of click-throughs and delivery errors.

  • How to Create an Unsubscribe Link

    Last Updated: 27.07.2023

    You can add the unsubscribe function to emails sent via the SMTP service using the {{unsubscribe_url}} variable.

  • SMTP Limits

    Last Updated: 27.07.2023

    Certain restrictions are applied while using SMTP with SendPulse. There are limits on the number of sent emails per hour, per day and the number of domains in use.

  • SMTP Limits after Exceeding the Bounce Rate

    Last Updated: 27.07.2023

    Sending emails to invalid addresses hurts the reputation of your email service’s servers and your sender domain, which is detrimental to mailing list deliverability.

  • How to View SMTP Statistics

    Last Updated: 27.07.2023

    WIth SendPulse, you can view SMTP statistics in order to track your campaigns’ performance, delivery errors, and unsubscribe rate.

  • How to Enable Webhooks for Transactional Emails

    Last Updated: 27.07.2023

    A webhook is a mechanism for receiving notifications about certain events. You can set up notifications about email deliverability and subscriber activity.

  • How to Send Transactional Emails Using a SendPulse Template

    Last Updated: 01.08.2023

    You can send transactional emails to clients via API from your system using a template with dynamic content created in SendPulse.

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