Viber Chatbot

How to set up a Viber chatbot and send messages

  • How to Create a Viber Chatbot

    Last Updated: 04.08.2023

    A Viber chatbot is an easy-to-use marketing tool that can display information to subscribers, collect data upon request, and accept orders according to pre-planned scenarios.

  • How to Create a Flow for an Viber Chatbot

    Last Updated: 04.08.2023

    The flow builder is the main tool to set up your bot to welcome new subscribers, assist users, sell products, and notify a manager about users’ questions in the chatbot. Also, a chatbot can gather information and send it to your system for future use.

  • How to Collect an Audience for a Viber Chatbot

    Last Updated: 22.08.2023

    You can grow your bot's audience organically (when users subscribe to your bot themselves) or by importing a file with users’ contact info.

  • How to Create a Viber Chatbot Campaign

    Last Updated: 04.10.2023

    You can send Viber chatbot campaigns with text, images, files, and buttons that can redirect users to your site or launch an automation flow for all of your recipients or particular audience segments.

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