Mailing Lists and Recipients

How to manage your subscribers

  • How to Import a Personalized Mailing List

    Last Updated: 13.07.2023

    Mailing lists help you create and keep your client base up to date. In your mailing lists, you can add subscribers’ personal data and other details, such as their city or order number, to segment and personalize your campaigns. In this article, we will talk about how to create a mailing list and import your contacts using different methods.

  • How to Сreate and Use Mailing List Segments

    Last Updated: 25.05.2023

    Segmentation helps you take into account the engagement and preferences of your recipients to work with each of them individually.

  • How to Work with Contact Tags

    Last Updated: 12.05.2023

    Assign tags to organize your work with contacts. You will be able to filter and segment contacts according to certain criteria to find the contacts you need faster and individual work with each group. For example, you can add a tag based on customer preferences or change the status of working with a customer.

  • How to Create a Multichanel Subscription Form

    Last Updated: 03.08.2023

    You can grow your subscriber base using a subscription form. To do this, place it on your website or blog page. Let's talk about how to create a subscription form using our visual form builder.

  • How to Transfer UTM Tags from Subscription Forms to a Mailing List

    Last Updated: 04.08.2023

    While creating multi-channel subscription forms in the SendPulse builder, you can not only configure the transfer of information about the subscription event to your analytics system for tracking but also save sources and UTM tags to a mailing list as variables for the contact. Using this data you can create segments for more personalized and relevant campaigns to your subscribers.

  • How to Add Form Tracking Events for Impressions, Submissions, and Closings

    Last Updated: 12.05.2023

    Collect additional information about user behavior on the site with a subscription form using events.

  • How to Create a Simple Subscription Form

    Last Updated: 03.08.2023

    You can fill up your email mailing list using a subscription form — place it on your website or blog page. With SendPulse, you can choose a pre-made form, create one with our drag and drop editor, or get the HTML code without styles and behavior scripts to customize it yourself.

  • How to Create a Custom Subscription Confirmation Email

    Last Updated: 12.05.2023

    A subscription confirmation email is the beginning of your communication with a customer and an important step in creating a positive first impression. This email is sent once a new email address is added to your mailing list via API or a subscription form. 

  • How to Create a Custom Subscription Confirmation Page

    Last Updated: 12.05.2023

    After a subscription or additional email verification, users land on a special page with a successful subscription notification. You can use this page to thank your subscribers and ask them to add your email address to their contact list so that your emails don't end up in their spam folders.

  • How to Manage Inactive Contacts

    Last Updated: 21.08.2022

    Inactive contacts include “subscribers” with invalid email addresses, to which it is impossible to deliver an email campaign, users that have unsubscribed, or those you disabled manually. This also includes the addresses of recipients who have not opened your mailings for more than 6 months, various temporary addresses, or addresses that have been dormant for a long time, that were detected by spam traps.

  • How to Manage Inactive Mailing Lists

    Last Updated: 11.08.2022

    You can remove mailing lists you do not use from your account and shorten your contact lists. Inactive mailing lists are lists that you have not sent campaigns to or that you have not added new email addresses to in the last 3 months.

  • What is Subscriber Rating

    Last Updated: 12.09.2022

    The subscriber rating is an overall score of your subscribers' activity.

  • How to Manage Your Unsubscribed List

    Last Updated: 09.08.2022

    Every email you send must contain a link that, when followed, removes the user from your mailing list. The presence of such a link does not reduce the effectiveness of your mailing list; on the contrary, it helps to maintain the relevance of your contact base, and makes it possible to better understand your audience and their desires in response to the mailing list.

  • How to Use the "Manage Subscription" and "Re-confirm Subscription" Features

    Last Updated: 11.08.2022

    The subscriber data that you collect in your mailing list becomes outdated over time. You can send subscribers a second request to confirm their subscription in accordance with the GDPR or change the information already available in your saved variables.

  • How to Add an Unsubscribe Link

    Last Updated: 21.08.2022

    Every email you send should have an unsubscribe link to keep your mailing list healthy. If you do not add such a link to your template, the service will insert it automatically in the left corner of the letter.

  • How to Create an Unsubscribe Page

    Last Updated: 21.08.2022

    Every subscriber has the opportunity to unsubscribe from your mailing list if they no longer want to receive emails from your brand. An unsubscribe link is added to every SendPulse email campaign by default.

  • What are Actions for Contacts in a Mailing List

    Last Updated: 11.08.2022

    After you have added contacts to a mailing list, you can take some actions with them. You can filter, disable, enable, delete, copy, or move contacts from one list to another one. In this article, we will talk more about these actions.

  • How Validation Functions are Displayed in Mailing Lists of Email Service

    Last Updated: 09.08.2022

    With SendPulse, you can check email addresses using the validation service before sending a campaign.

  • How to Import a Mailing List from MailChimp

    Last Updated: 27.01.2023

    Paste it to the necessary field in the personal account on the SendPulse platform while creating a new mailing list with the help of import.

  • Why Do I Need to Activate a Mailing List

    Last Updated: 09.08.2022

    The SendPulse email service follows an anti-spam policy, that’s why mailing lists need to be activated. You must provide information about the list of email addresses so we can make sure that you collected it honestly, and your subscribers agreed to receive emails from you.

  • How to Import Mailing Lists from GetResponse to SendPulse

    Last Updated: 12.05.2023

    1. Log in to your Getresponse account, go to the profile settings and open the «Integrations & API» menu

  • How to Build a "Notify Me" Web Form

    Last Updated: 12.05.2023

    In this article, you will find out how to create a signup webform that comes up after a user clicks on a button.

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