WhatsApp chatbot

How to set up a chatbot and send messages

  • How to Сreate a WhatsApp Сhatbot

    Last Updated: 01.08.2023

    To automate the process of communicating with your customers on WhatsApp, you need to create business accounts on Facebook and WhatsApp to connect your number to the WhatsApp Business API and use your chatbot. With a simple WhatsApp chatbot connection wizard, you can do this in three steps.

  • How to Manage a WhatsApp Chatbot Without Facebook Business Verification

    Last Updated: 11.05.2023

    Once you create your account, you will be able to: You can see the current limits on the number of sessions per day on the WhatsApp Manager page.

  • Reasons Why Users Fail to Receive a Registration Code

    Last Updated: 18.08.2022

    There are two possible reasons why you haven't received a code for registering your WhatsApp Business API client. First, your phone number is associated with a non-commercial account (WhatsApp or WhatsApp for Business for users). Second, you have already connected this number to the WhatsApp Business API through another provider.

  • How to Verify a Business in Facebook Business Manager

    Last Updated: 13.09.2022

    You can verify your business in Facebook Business Manager to access specific products and tools for your business and make full use of the WhatsApp Business API to build chatbots. Also, a verified company inspires more trust among users.

  • How to Add a Template for WhatsApp Campaigns

    Last Updated: 15.03.2023

    Users who have connected their phone number to the WhatsApp Business API can send campaigns to their audience. Sending campaigns to all of your subscribers is possible with an approved template.

  • How to Create a WhatsApp Campaign

    Last Updated: 19.05.2023

    Messenger campaigns are a reliable way to attract new customers and keep the attention of loyal customers. Keep in touch with your clients, inform them about important events or changes to their order statuses, and remind them about scheduled events they signed up for.

  • How to Create an Automated Flow for a WhatsApp Chatbot

    Last Updated: 18.08.2023

    The flow builder is the main tool to set up your bot to welcome new subscribers, assist users, sell products, and notify a manager about users’ questions in the chatbot. Also, a chatbot can gather information and send it to your system for future use.

  • How to Сreate a WhatsApp Ad via Facebook to Start a Сhatbot Conversation

    Last Updated: 26.05.2023

    You can set up targeted Facebook ads to promote your products and services using WhatsApp and start chatbot conversations with users who interacted with your ads. You can leverage ads to strengthen your brand image, attract new customers, and keep in touch with them.

  • How to Add a Product Card in a WhatsApp Chatbot

    Last Updated: 18.08.2023

    If you have a catalog with products configured in Facebook Commerce Manager, you can add a card or a list of products to your WhatsApp chatbots to attract users' attention and convince them to buy the product. Product cards can be used, for example, to advertise hotels, flights, travel destinations, and vehicles.

  • How to Switch to SendPulse from Other WhatsApp Providers

    Last Updated: 15.03.2023

    You can migrate your WhatsApp Business API number and change providers (BSP) to create chatbots in our builder. This article will show you how to migrate your number to SendPulse — an official provider of WhatsApp Business API — and create a chatbot environment with that number.

  • WhatsApp Business Account Statuses and Message Sending Limits

    Last Updated: 04.08.2023

    In this article, let's take a look at what kind of sending limits WhatsApp has, where to find your current limit and rating, and how to increase your level.

  • How to Import WhatsApp Subscribers

    Last Updated: 15.03.2023

    You can upload your base of subscribers who have given you their preliminary consent to send them messages in accordance with the WhatsApp policy and send them campaigns according to an approved template or work with a contact according to a chatbot script.

  • WhatsApp Conversation-Based Pricing Policy

    Last Updated: 26.06.2023

    WhatsApp introduces pricing updates for messages sent via the WhatsApp Business Platform and WhatsApp Business API that will apply based on the conversation initiator and category.

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