How to create and sent events from your system to trigger flows

  • How to Create Events

    Last Updated: 24.04.2023

    An event is an external data signal sent to the specified SendPulse URL. When you create an event in Automation360, you receive a link to send a POST request to SendPulse with the required parameters.

  • How to Manage Events

    Last Updated: 16.02.2023

    In the “Events Manager” section, you can view and manage the events you create and view the received events with client data.

  • How to Stop a Flow by an Event

    Last Updated: 15.06.2023

    When you create an automation flow, you can add an additional condition to stop sending subsequent messages at any time.

  • How to Send Events to the SendPulse

    Last Updated: 07.06.2023

    You can send events to your system using the SendPulse API. Sending requests is possible with and without authorization.

  • How to Send Data Arrays with Automation 360

    Last Updated: 09.01.2023

    With data arrays, you can create product cards and send dynamic personalized emails, for example, to inform a customer about their order status.

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