Recipients and Customizations

How to manage your subscribers and customize service

  • How to Customize a Subscription Request Window

    Last Updated: 27.01.2023

    Site visitors have already gotten used to the usual appearance of request windows and click "Block" out of habit, so SendPulse offers you to customize your request window. Set the appearance of your web push subscription request window in the site settings section.

  • Custom Subscription Request

    Last Updated: 19.08.2022

    People got used to the usual design of the subscription request window and automatically click "Block." That is why SendPulse suggests changing the design on the window.

  • How to Pass Additional Variables for Segmenting and Personalizing of Web Push Notifications

    Last Updated: 13.09.2022

    To pass additional variables like subscribers' names or emails, after adding web push integration code to your website (the code generated in your account), you need to add the additional code.

  • How To Segment Web Push Notification Recipients

    Last Updated: 15.03.2023

    You can use a previously saved filter or select new criteria.

  • How to Unsubscribe from Push Notifications

    Last Updated: 26.04.2023

    Push notifications that you have subscribed to appear at the top or bottom of the browser window — even if the user is offline at the time of sending. In this article, we'll look at how to unsubscribe from push notifications in popular browsers.

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